How it works

Crypto Detective is a story full of mysteries, riddles and unexpected events, based 100% on smart contracts. It is also a lottery. Book a room at the Mystery Hotel, owned by the strange millionaire Mr. Schrödinger. His young niece
has suddenly disappeared! Only you can solve this case!

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1. get tv tokens

Submit your CryptoKitty to begin the journey. Acquire TV Tokens to buy clues.
Get some TV Tokens to buy the clues.

2. collect the clues

All the clues are ERC721 tokens of varying rarity. Some can only be found in the story, the rest you can buy and sell.

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3. watch the series

In every episode, the smart contract will randomly choose 5 clues. They will be revealed in an exclusive web comic series.

4. Help Mr. Schrödinger find his niece and get rewards

Every episode 5 clues will be randomly selected by a smart contract. You’ll need to collect all 5 to get a reward!

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