Getting started

What do I need to participate in the show?

You need to install MetaMask, a digital wallet integrated on Chrome and Firefox. Once you have installed the wallet, fill it with some ETH to purchase TV Tokens. TVs are utility tokens required to produce and distribute content developed in Tokenville. You also can use mobile wallets with an integrated browser (Lumi Collect or CoinBase).

Note: A digital wallet like MetaMask acts like a bank account. Make sure you don’t forget your password or the seed words.

How do I get TV Tokens?

TV Tokens are utility tokens required to produce and distribute content developed in Tokenville. You can purchase TVs on the official Tokenville website or on HitBTC exchange. You cannot use fiat or cryptocurrency to participate in Tokenville shows — currencies need to be converted into TV Tokens first. Unfortunately, you cannot participate in Tokenville shows with web wallets.

Can I participate if the show has already started?

Absolutely. You can join the show at any time. Just make sure to check out the clues on the decentralized marketplace, and read the comic strips to find more clues yourself.

Understanding Crypto Detective

What do I do to solve the meowsterious case and win the main prize?

To participate in the show you should buy clues. There are two ways to do it. Before the show starts, you can buy a pack of clues on the main page. When the show starts, every pack will be exchanged for a set of clues according to the pack description. After the show starts, you will be able to buy clues on the marketplace. Some clues will be eliminated during the show. Clues that appear in the final episode are the winning ones. Those who have these clues at the end of the show will share the main prize among themselves.

Are the clues tradable? Can I sell my clues if I want to quit the show?

Yes. All clues in the show are ERC721 tokens. You can sell or gift them at any time.

Why should I submit my CryptoKitty to you?

You will receive 10 TV Tokens for the first CryptoKitty you submit and 1 TV Token for every following CryptoKitty. Some of the submitted Kitties will play the main characters in the Crypto Detective story. You will be able to redeem your Kitty for TV Tokens after the show ends.

Will the creators participate in the show?

We refuse to participate because it could be misinterpreted by the community. All clues will be sold to random participants.


Can I trust this project?

Our smart contracts guarantee that the winners will be random. The creators are not able to withdraw the prize money. Only 10% will go to the creators. The rest of the sum will be shared between the winners.

Is this project one of a kind?

No. This project created by the Tokenville franchise. You can check out more projects at tokenville.tv.


To get a CryptoKitty back, the user must return the number of Tokens to which they were credited + 2% monthly fee (fee does not apply to users who placed their CryptoKitties before August 20, 2018).