Make your CryptoKitty a star

Crypto Detective is an interactive blockchain show starring your CryptoKitty. Join the story and get rewarded.


Buy clues (ERC-721) with TVs and trade them on the marketplace.

Collect Clues

Read every comic episode and get rewarded for your loyalty.

Read Comic Strips

Collect clues and be the one to hit the jackpot.

Hit the Jackpot

Where is Ms. Schrödinger?

Mr.Schrödinger, a famous cryptokitty and owner of a mysterious hotel. Strange things are happening there. Join the Crypto Detective in his breathtaking investigation and help him find the right clues. No one knows which clues will be relevant. Every plot twist is determined by smart contracts.

bubbleCrypto Detective
Crypto Detective

Get Clues to Solve the Meowstery!

All clues are ERC-721 Ethereum units which can be purchased either in Packs (where they are drawn randomly) or from other users on the Marketplace.
You will need to collect right combinations of these clues to win the jackpot.

Meowstery Pack

    • 1
    • 3
    • 5
    Random clues inside

    Need a particular clue?
    Try to find it on the Market!


    Better with CryptoKitties!

    Wanna see your cryptokitty in the comic? Submit it as an ‘actor’ and get 10 TV credit to participate in the show! You can always get your kitty back, if you pay back the received TV tokens plus only 2% more for every month your kitty is in the show.

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